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Dental Clinic in Wroclaw

Unfortunately, most of us choose to dental surgery until something starts to hurt, or loss of the tooth is already so large that it absorbs most of the food consumed by us. Of course, then a visit to the dentist is no longer necessary. However, there is a way to avoid pain and serious defects: regular visits to the dentist. If we want to maintain healthy teeth and a beautiful smile should definitely start with prevention. Appropriate care of oral hygiene is extremely important for the prevention of all diseases of the teeth and gums. Our dentist in Wroclaw offers comprehensive dental care from the first visit. Regular maintenance and replenishment of the patient in our dental office allows for excellent planning and control of our good teeth by dentists. This allows even the smallest change will not be overlooked and ensure rapid and appropriate response.

Keep in mind that your own teeth are the best we can be. No restoration is no substitute for natural teeth. In our dental office in Wrocław, we make sure that each of our patients as long as you can enjoy the natural and healthy smile.

In our dental office work professionally trained and experienced dentists of different specialties. They are supported by a modern and functional equipment, so that all treatments at our dental office represent the highest quality. Adequate preparation and specialization of doctors in our dental office procedures allow for a wide range of expertise.

Frequently performed procedures with specialization:

  • Dental Prophylaxis
    - In our dental office we provide professional advice and briefings on the potential of taking care of proper oral hygiene. This is the basic thing, which often requires a change in certain activities. Brushing teeth and taking care of oral hygiene often learn just as children. However, in adults, is required for a different way of taking care of dental hygiene. Our dentist in Wroclaw also performed tooth enamel fluoride treatments and fissure sealing.
  • Professional grooming

    - Play a very important role when it comes to the appearance of the teeth as well as preventive dental care. On our teeth are formed deposits and plaque is formed. These are the main factors that cause tooth decay and gum disease. In our dental office we provide professional removal of sediment and removing plaque from the tooth surface. In this way, breaking down places where bacteria grow and restore the natural appearance of teeth.
  • Conservative Dentistry

    - Include in it all the treatments that save our teeth with the need to remove them. This is mainly filling cavities, aka 'sealing'. Our dental practice offers the latest in dental treatments.
  • Endodontics - a root canal treatment

    Frequently it is the last chance to save the tooth - a tooth after endodontic treatment is devoid of nerves and is dead, but it is always your own teeth and can be used for a very long time. In our dental office we provide professional painless and endodontic treatments.
  • Dental clinic for children

    - For dental surgery for children should start going regularly from an early age. Frequent and regular visits to the dentist will allow treatment of even the smallest lesions. This ensures that our children will be able for many years to enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile. In our dental office staff are employed well-prepared to work with children.
  • Periodontics

    - A specialization in dealing with gum disease. Even the smallest bleeding gums may indicate the development of inflammation. In order not to expose yourself to serious consequences (including teeth from falling out) should be reported immediately to the dental office.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    - White and shiny teeth - this is the dream of all of us. To make their dream come true just to come to a good dental surgery and have offered teeth whitening and correction. We have modern and safe methods to improve the appearance and color of your teeth.
  • Prosthodontics

    - Deals with the restoration of missing teeth and the rebuilding of a damaged tooth crowns, or insertion of artificial teeth. In our dental office in Wrocław, we choose the most optimal solutions for individual preferences prosthetic patients.

Teeth fulfill a very important role in our body. If we have healthy teeth, we feel much better - more likely to smile to show you; healthy teeth does the job well, or grind food well (better bite and chew), so that we are better fed, which translates into a better mood. There is no need to wait for the first signs of dental caries or periodontal disease! You are invited to our dental office in Wrocław, as long as possible to enjoy the beautiful and natural teeth.

Frequent stomatological cases in Wroclaw: