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  • street Jordanowska 26, Wroclaw

Dentist in Wroclaw

We welcome Patients in dental office CLINIDENT in Wrocław, Poland. CLINIDENT dental office was established in 1989, so we have almost 30 years of experience in professional dental treatment in Wroclaw and surrounding areas.

As a team of experienced doctors and specialists:

  • dentist (including a pedodontist - for children),
  • dental surgeon,
  • orthodontist (also orthodontist for children),
  • maxillofacial surgeon (implantologist),
  • periodontologist (gum and periodontitis).

we care comprehensively for patients at competitive prices. Our contact with the patient begins at the time of notification by phone +48 (71) 363-45-97 or our contact form on our website, during dental treatment, and afterwards we are in contact and respond to the Patients' doubts after the end of treatment providing dental care at each dental tretment phase. All this takes place in a friendly, relaxing and stress-free environment of our dental office, where we are characterized by modern dental equipment, access to the latest standards of dentistry, reliable quality of dental work, taking patients for appointments without waiting in queues, as well as a convenient location on the Oporów estate in Wroclaw, Poland.

Our address is Wrocław, ul. Jordanowska 26, the Oporów estate. We have free parking for 8 cars under the office.

Check how close we are to the center of Wroclaw! We accept Patients from Wroclaw from districts like Oporów, Klecina, Muchobór Wielki, Nowy Dwór, Borek, Krzyki, looking for dental care at the highest level.

Our address is Wrocław, Jordanowska 26 street, Oporów estate. We have free parking for 8 cars a tour dental office.

Check how close we are located from center of Wroclaw! We accept Patients from Wroclaw from lots of districts such as Oporów, Klecina, Muchobór Wielki, Nowy Dwór, Borek, Krzyki, who are looking for dental care at the highest level.

Photo #1 - The interior of Clinident dental office
Dental treatment in proven specialist in Wroclaw

Dental practice in Wroclaw

Especially for our patients, we have prepared a comprehensive "smile protection program". That's why in our dental office CLINIDENT we provide:

  • A comfortable atmosphere of stress-free and professional service of specialists with experience.
  • A comfortable waiting room for Patients with music, magazines and free WiFi access.
  • Telephone consultations (including the possibility of making appointments by phone).
  • A treatment program developed specifically for the needs of each patient individually.
  • Emerging promotions and attractive form of dental treatment for the whole family (adult dentist, pediatric dentist, for teenagers, i.e. dental care for the whole family).
  • In addition to doctors, we provide qualified dental assistance (ongoing assistance and participation of qualified assistants during our dental services).
  • Doctors talking freely in Polish, English and Italian.
  • Convenient hours of receiving Patients - we arrange specific dates, i.e. you come for the specified date and you do not wait in the queue. We also take patients in the evenings and on Saturdays.
  • Each payment is documented by a cash register receipt. On request, we issue a personal invoice for the treatment (we are an honest cabinet operating legally).
  • We provide a guarantee for our dental services.
  • We accept payments by cards (you do not need to bring cash).
  • Optional purchase of additional oral hygiene products (only if you wish, and at the same time receive a list of advice from the attending physician about the rules of use).

Get acquainted with the opinions about CLINIDENT on the Internet, ask your friends whether you should just try it with us at least once. Your satisfaction with CLINIDENT dental services will make you wanna stay with us so that we can take care of your smile!

Stomatological emergency

Strong, sharp toothache? You don't know which dentist is open now. Come to our emergency dental office. Dental emergency: don't delay your toothache.

Strong toothache can be very bothersome and interfere with everyday activities. It causes chills, sometimes migraines, makes biting and chewing food difficult, does not allow you to concentrate at work, and at night does not allow you to fall asleep peacefully. In a situation of severe toothache, it is difficult to think of something else just such a severe toothache. Report to the emergency dental clinic CLINIDENT Wrocław.

Stomatological emergency service

Stomatological services

The CLINIDENT dental office has a complete range of dental services to provide comprehensive dental treatment of the patient with any case of oral problems. Our fields of dentistry include orthodontics, periodontics, implantology, dental surgery, conservative dentistry, prophylaxis, aesthetics, prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry as well as restorative dentistry - porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, partial dentures and full dentures as well as fillings (colloquially seals), removal of tartar (including teeth cleaning treatments: teeth scaling, tooth sanding, teeth polishing, teeth polishing), stabilization of moving teeth and teeth whitening.

Our specialists also include a pedodontist, ie a dentist for the child (pedodonta is colloquially a pediatric dentist).

We also put emphasis on the treatment of malocclusion in our orthodontist. The offer of orthodontics includes a whole range of orthodontic appliances: Twin-Block apparatus, Bihelix device for mandibular extension, Aesthetic apparatus in a low friction system, Mobile orthodontic appliances, Hyrax apparatus, Ligature apparatus, Trainer apparatus, Linear devices, Orthodontic tongue barrier, Apparatus Intraoral, Fixed Orthodontic Braces, TPA Camera, Herbst Hinges, Intraoral Devices, Damon Type Apparatus, Malu Narrowing Apparatus, Orthodontic Space Maintenance, Fragmentary Apparatus, Vestibule, Functional Apparatus, Retention Apparatus, Unclassified Apparatus, Carriere Dystrybuter, Crystal Apparatus, Lab Machines, Solid Metal Machine in Low Friction System, Aligners, as well as Invisalign and Inman Aligner.

Not only during treatment, but also after curing - we surround our patients with dental care and permanent contact in case of problems and doubts. CLINIDENT dental office is to help our Patient get rid of the stressful anxiety that is a visit to the dentist, so we treat in a stress-free environment and provide painless treatment using the appropriate anesthesia if necessary.