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Dental prosthetics in Wroclaw

Missing teeth and tooth loss are the result of dental disease that can be cured by our skilled dentists in Wroclaw, using modern methods of dental restorations.

After seeing the photos taken during treatment with patients, you'll find that modern dental techniques are able to replace even the most significant gaps in the teeth and eliminate the associated restrictions.

It is important that the dental treatment, none of the environment will not notice the difference. This is also often the inevitable loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth loss. In this difficult situation for you, our dentists will find a solution that will ensure the restoration of chewing function, even in the event of loss of all teeth. Dental prosthesis allows for a wide smile and a free showing of teeth in all its glory.


With our dentists, prior to treatment, and omówisz ustalisz treatments, which will be subjected to. It is important in this situation, open attitude and acceptance of the prosthesis used as an important measure to prevent further destruction of teeth.

The purpose of the gallery is to facilitate the clinical cases and making decisions finding, together with the dentist, dental best solution for your case.

We hope that by creating a gallery of clinical cases, contribute to facilitate you to take an appropriate decision, in consultation with the care professional, and mitigate or eliminate the concerns associated with the necessary treatments.

Microprotese, partial denture Wroclaw
Microprotese, partial denture