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Dentist for children Wroclaw

Children are a unique group of dental patients. Require appropriate approach, individual treatment and a huge play. If you are looking for a suitable dentist in Wroclaw for child care should be taken on a lot of things. Dentist for children should be very well prepared, in addition to a thorough education supported by extensive practice, should have pedagogical talent. Basically a good dentist for children in Wroclaw has to have a natural talent for dealing with children - must be able to calm them down, respectively, to divert attention, fun and very quickly gain sympathy and trust in small patients. If you are looking for someone like that, it's perfect for dental surgery did you get CLINIDENT in. Our dentists for children are just all these features. In addition, our dental office is equipped with the appropriate toys and gadgets that, if necessary, can absorb the attention of the child.

Dentist for children must be very good to work with young patients. Children are very vulnerable to the stress of a visit to the dentist. Therefore, an appropriate adjustment to work on the child must be started already in the home by parents. The child must be convinced that a visit to the dentist for children is something completely normal, but it should be some kind of adventure that the more interests you and encourage your child to the visit stomatologixznej. Be sure not to frighten the child before the visit. Continuous provision that "it will not hurt" will definitely counterproductive than intended. Top do not remember the pain, the terrible stomatologu. Definitely it is better to take your child to the dentist before showing the first signs of decay. In this way the child gets used to the dentist and he will not be associated with drilling and something unpleasant from the first visit to the dentist CLINIDENT in. Remember that a bad experience at first contact may result in aversion to the dentist and adult life.

Children's Dentist provides a full range of treatments and preventive and permanent teeth:

  • Treatment of dental caries and permanent teeth

    - In the case of primary teeth can be choosing the color of the fill. Seals in different colors will be much more interesting for the child and the greater willingness to agree to it for surgery. In the case of permanent dental filling material is carefully selected for its color teeth. If necessary, larger drilling procedure can be made under anesthesia, which is selected according to the age of the child.
  • Fluoride varnishing teeth and teeth

    - Teeth, especially in children, require large doses of minerals to strengthen tooth enamel and protect them from bacteria. Baby teeth covered with a thin lacquer layer rich in fluorine, which is gradually released and absorbed through the enamel. In this way the teeth are given the dose of fluoride for about three months.
  • Dental fissure sealants

    - Heavily indented grooves are characteristic of young permanent teeth. In these furrows usually deposited bacteria that there are just beginning the process of tooth decay. To well protect these places are filled with a special layer with a little wax. It protects against bacteria and furrow sediment.
  • Cauterization with silver nitrate decay (impregnation)

    - If caries in primary teeth are large enough or thin enough teeth (incisors) that you can not do the fill (seal), the last option is Cauterization with silver nitrate teeth. It consists of impregnation with silver nitrate caries lesions, which inhibits the development of tooth decay and protect them before the attack. Cauterization with silver nitrate teeth does not require drilling, so it is also good for children who are very afraid of him. The only drawback is lapisowania teeth tooth density.
  • Full care hygienist

    - Includes Professional grooming - tartar removal, sewage, full instruction how to take care of proper oral hygiene.
  • Cauterization with silver nitrate teeth in children
    - child Cauterization with silver nitrate mleczaków

Yet sometimes lingers erroneous belief that teeth should not be treated. We should totally forget about that statement! Milk teeth should be treated the same as permanent teeth. Premature loss of deciduous teeth are usually the cause of malocclusion later. Teeth start to move in the free space in such a way as to block the space in permanent teeth that have to look for a different location. Later orthodontic treatment will be much more difficult and expensive than dental teeth.

Dentist for children Wroclaw
Dentist for children Wroclaw