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Children's Dentist Wroclaw

Dentist for children is very demanding specialty. In addition to the excellent preparation of the practical and theoretical dentist must have the additional advantages. It has an easy and quick way to gain the trust of children and must be perfectly get along with them. Our dentists in Wroclaw and other staff in addition to excellent training, they also have a natural talent for dealing with children. Dentist for a child must provide the child support and alleviate stress as much as possible.

Children are at our dental clinic in Wroclaw CLINIDENT Patients very important. Already a young age to teach them regular visits to the dentist for children, later in life that resulted in regular visits to the adults. With regularity, which results in immediate reaction to the disturbing changes on the teeth will be able to enjoy a healthy and natural smile teeth into old age. If, during the first visit to the dentist a child survives a lot of stress, which is associated with the drilling and pain can be trauma for the rest of life. By this each visit to the dentist will be put off until the very end, when the toothache is unbearable. Then save these teeth will be very difficult. For this reason, you should regularly go for check-ups - at least once every 6 months, and preferably every 3 months.

We provide complete dental care of children. It includes, among other things:

  • Oral Hygiene
    - The most important thing is prevention, and it is a major part of oral hygiene. We carry a full range of professional dental care for children. They consist of removing soft and hard deposits. The basis is a good home hygiene methods, so give oral hygiene instruction, and we select the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste for your child.
  • Fluoridation of teeth in children

    - This is one of the prophylactic. Fluorimetric teeth need to harden tooth enamel and protect them from decay. Under normal conditions, the fluorine is provided by only a few teeth during brushing minutes and after a few minutes. This gives about 10 minutes per day. This is definitely not enough, because at the time the teeth do not absorb enough fluoride. Therefore, we recommend fluoride varnish dental coverage. Throughout liberates a small amount of fluoride, which are absorbed by the enamel. In this way, the teeth provide the necessary amount, which is taken by 24 hours a day. The treatment should be repeated every three months, because paint rubs off during everyday operation.
  • Filling cavities in deciduous and permanent teeth

    - This is commonly known as sealing. Decay milk teeth faster attack, they are weaker than permanent teeth. But the permanent teeth, they are not safe. In the case of deciduous teeth and young children, we recommend a special dyed many colors fill. They are much more interesting and better accepted by children, which makes it very easy to work with them. Permanent teeth filled with the material in the same color with the color of your teeth.
  • Cauterization with silver nitrate teeth

    - Complete the corresponding development of the cavity. This is done by drilling. Children often do not allow for this and we have to recourse other methods. However, the front teeth (incisors) are too thin and too small to adequately prepare the filling defect - there is a chance to stay. In such cases, one can use the method of impregnation with silver nitrate decay. It completely stops the development of tooth decay and prevents recurrence by her. This method has one disadvantage - the lapisowaniu tooth turns black. However, the better to milk tooth was black than to fall down.
Dentist for children Wroclaw
Dentist for children Wroclaw
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