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Stomatological emergency Wroclaw

Dental help needed urgently? Our professional dentists are on duty during the Coronavirus. We accept urgent cases. We arrange Patients only for a specific date with special patient and dentist safety procedures in connection with the COVID-19 virus pandemic. We offer help in acute, sudden cases of toothache and tooth inflammation.

The CLINIDENT dental emergency service in Wrocław was created for patients who, in unfortunate circumstances, suffered trauma to one tooth, the entire jaw, or to experience severe, severe toothache that home treatments cannot. In this situation, patients must contact a dentist. If you do not answer the phone, because it is already very late, for example, go to the online form and we will call you back tomorrow morning with a proposal for a quick visit.

Stomatological duty Wroclaw

When your tooth hurts suddenly, our active dentist will help you, quickly and painlessly, on a visit. You will no longer wait with pain. We offer help in sudden, severe toothache cases and sudden teeth. The CLINIDENT dental duty room in our dental emergency room in Wrocław is a method when your tooth suddenly hurts, you get bleeding gums, the tooth starts moving, the tooth has come loose or broken. Then our specialist dentist will quickly, effectively and painlessly perform the necessary dental procedures. You don't have to wait with pain anymore!

Stomatological emergency
Stomatological duty Wroclaw
WARNING! We accept only after prior registration!
We note that in situations such as the sterilization of instruments, disinfection cabinet space, the existence of the other patient-doctor, we will not be able to answer the phone or take the urgent treatment.

Dentist Emergency department Wroclaw

24 hour dental clinic CLINIDENT Wrocław for adults and children invites you to use in case of emergency toothache. We have modern diagnostic equipment, thanks to which we often receive two patients at the same time. However, due to the cost of employing a dentist at night, one dentist is on duty at our dentist. Unfortunately, sometimes it may not be open due to the availability of the dentist, which is why you should first call our spacialial number to check whether a dentist is currently taking you at our emergency room. If no one answers, the emergency room is closed today. Then leave us a message on the contact form on our website. We will call you back in the morning and propose the nearest date to relieve you of a sudden pain. We help not only in cases of severe toothache, but also tooth fractures, tooth breakage, etc. Our dentist conducting an emergency dental service is a top specialist who will make every effort to ensure that this urgent dental visit is as painless as possible for you.