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Implants in Wroclaw

Today, modern technology provide dental treatment to get incredibly excellent visual effects. New technologies are developing so fast in such a way that all the solutions that were once a dream, is now at your fingertips. With the capabilities of modern implantology even extensive missing teeth or a complete lack of teeth can be played in such a way that with implants, the patient will not feel or see the difference. Today implantology allows you to get great results incomparable to those patients who proposed several years ago.

Implants in Wroclaw

Looking at the photos of actors and models often draw attention to their beautiful white teeth. So good cosmetic result is often obtained with the help of modern dentistry, and more specifically by the implanted implants. One of the most modern methods to change the state of teeth is the use of dental implants. The implants used in dentistry since the mid-60s of the twentieth century. Research shows that the use of implants in healthy, non-smoking people in more than 96% of cases end with the long-term success.

The implant (also implantoprosthetics)

Implantology is the most advanced method of restoring a beautiful smile.

If, for various reasons, do not have the state of one or more teeth in the first place and is committed to quality, reliability and comfort - it's time for implants.

A dental implant is the only solution in dentistry does not mask the missing teeth, but play properly functioning and great looking new teeth.

When a new tooth implant treatment will consist of two parts: the invisible to the naked eye and visible implant prosthetic crown.

Implants in Wroclaw

The implant itself is part of the same as an invisible part of the roots of the teeth are not visible.

TITAN - Material of the implants are made. It is completely biocompatible, and therefore the body sees it as its integral part. It is a phenomenon so far not explained, but perfectly functioning among others in restoring the beautiful appearance of the face.

Since the implant is only a means it can be used to achieve different effects, depending on the needs of the patient and the possibility of its application.

In some patients, only a single tooth is missing. If you need the highest quality of treatment and the conditions allow you to perform all-ceramic crown on implant and aesthetic effect is perfect.

In most cases, the patients treated with the need to restore implantologicznie more teeth. Perform several implants and crowns on them will normally bite again and give up the pull-out prosthetic dentistry. Please feel the taste and smell of fresh nuts!

In some cases, patients do not have any teeth remaining. If conditions permit, you can play completely perfect smile and restore full function of your teeth. With more implants can forget the glass of the old prosthesis!

If conditions do not allow the introduction of more implants can (using a small number) in a colossal way to enhance the maintenance of the pull-out dentures. Will no longer be kept loose and disappear fear the unwanted falling at the wrong time.


Part of the prosthetic implant may have a different process depending on the variant of the planned restoration. Depending on the requirements of the system and the patient, the healing of wounds, installs porcelain crowns, dental bridges or removable dentures snap. The simplest and most common treatment is to restore the crown with a porcelain Wroclaw on a single implant. On the first visit dental impressions are taken and shall, in consultation with the patient, the color of the future crown. In the dental laboratory are performed 2 pieces. The first is made of titanium so. switch (or prosthetic abutment Wrocław). It is part of directly linking with śródkostnym implant (implant). The second element is a porcelain crown prosthetic Wroclaw. Laboratory work usually last from a few to several days (depending on, inter alia, on the number of crowns).

Implants in Wroclaw

Prosthetic Procedure includes 2 or 3 visits. After this time, the doctor replaced the lab made complete. Between patient visits to supplement existing temporary uses. On the last visit, first screwed into the implant adapter (bracket) Wroclaw.

Prosthesis on implants Wroclaw
Prosthesis on implants Wroclaw

Clinident Wrocław - a guarantee of a beautiful smile.

Caring for the condition of teeth is not only regular visits to the dentist and treatment of cavities. In the case of tooth missing teeth, the best method to recover beautiful teeth is implants. Decide to set them up in a professional office to gain the highest quality and reliability. So where should you look for reliable specialists in the field of implantation, if your place of residence is Wrocław? Satisfied customers confirm: Clinident is the best choice. We invite you for a visit to determine the scope of insertion of implants and details of the procedure.

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Dental implants are more and more popular nowadays - Patients appreciate the quality of workmanship, aesthetic values, functionality and comfort of this modern solution. The guarantee of full satisfaction is the proper preparation of implants and proper implantation. In our Clinident office in Wrocław, we provide full professionalism and the care of qualified specialists, under whose supervision everything will go safely, efficiently and in friendly conditions.