• Teeth scaling
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Scaling Wroclaw - ultrasound tartar removal

Cleaning teeth in our dental office in Wrocław is done:

  • to completely remove plaque and tartar, which is impossible to clean the home hygiene methods
  • contact against fluoridation of teeth (teeth varnishing Wrocław) as a prophylactic treatment
  • before whitening your teeth (included teeth whitening)
  • to remove extrinsic stains crowns - as an aesthetic treatment

The plaque mineralization occurs quickly (as early as 3-4 days), which leads to a build-up of plaque deposits in Wroclaw, which is an excellent ground to a halt in the soft air raids.

It was found that the removal of deposits to prevent inflammation of the gums. This should be done at least 1-2 times a year, while in the case of the existence of gingival inflammation - much more.

Teeth scaling
Teeth scaling

The dental clinic Wroclaw - CLINIDENT to remove dental plaque (tartar Wrocław) ultrasound tool use (so-called ultrasonic scaler) with five different endings individually matched to the patient. Scaler works by generating vibrations at a frequency of tens of thousands of times per second. Scaler tip, applied to the tooth transfers vibrations to the surface, making the stone (lodgement) calculus crack and flake easily.

Our patients in Wroclaw, we point out how important is regular removal of plaque through scaling. Remembering that tartar (poddziałowy, supragingival), a habitat of bacteria and promotes the development of zapalneo (bleeding gums, pain, inflammation). The effect of the long neglect of the problem may be loss of periodontal ultimately, reveal the roots of the teeth and loosening of the teeth (periodontitis).