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Dentist in Wroclaw

A dentist is a doctor involved in the teeth, mouth and tissues in their area. Keeping your teeth in good health is very important for the proper functioning of the body. This is due to a simple reason: if we have healthy teeth, we definitely easier to eat properly. If the teeth are in poor condition or missing, the appropriate crushing food is very difficult, we can not eat many of the necessary food, and even if we succeed, we will not be able to properly digest them. Because of this your body will not receive the appropriate dose of nutrients, and this contributes to the overall weakening of the state of our health. In addition, unhealthy teeth look unsightly, and this causes psychological discomfort and concern about the perception of our surroundings.

Self-care for the health of your teeth is very important, but even the best-maintained oral hygiene does not guarantee us avoid diseases of the teeth and mouth. To ensure the best protection to our teeth need a regular dental care. Only the dentist is unable to quickly see disturbing changes in our teeth. We must remember that the immediate reaction to the disease of the teeth and mouth to protect us from the severe consequences that might result in loss of teeth, and certainly are associated with significant costs. By the early treatment of dental health and save money.

Dental treatment in Wroclaw CLINIDENT begins with prevention. Regular visits to the dentist help you keep your teeth in excellent condition. The dentist helps to maintain ideal oral hygiene, advises how to take care of your teeth by yourself, and performs the necessary professional grooming.

Basic procedures performed by the dentist:

  • Conservative treatment - treatments are all we know of a dental office, and to save the tooth from being lost. The most common of these procedures is to complement the cavities.
  • Endodontic treatment - is the most complex dental treatment, which aims to save the tooth, the soft tissue (internal) were infected. It involves cleaning the root canal and filling their relevant background material.
  • Treatment of periodontal tissues (periodontology) - Teeth can be lost not only due to infection with humus. Are very dangerous inflammation of periodontal tissues (gingivitis), which can be transformed into periodontal disease. Periodontal Treatment, which deal with dentists, it is difficult and time-consuming. It also requires close cooperation patient, because it must maintain continuity even after leaving the dentist's office.
  • Dental aesthetic treatments - teeth healthy teeth are synonymous with good-looking. The dentist is also to improve the appearance of teeth whitening teeth, improve the shape of your teeth, cleaning of the tooth surface sediments. Appearance and function of teeth is also orthodontics.
  • Dental Prosthetics - deals with the restoration of missing teeth. If you lose a tooth as soon as possible should this not complete. The longer we delay the insertion of a missing tooth, the more difficult it will be to do so, and therefore it will be much more expensive.
  • Dentist for children - dental care should start from an early age. With the right approach, dentist and frequent visits to the dentist's office catches a child is not an irrational fear. Learn to regularity, which will protect them from many painful diseases and premature tooth loss. In Wroclaw CLINIDENT dentists provide care for well-prepared to deal with children.
  1. Dental Prophylaxis

    - It all starts with proper care of oral hygiene. Very often, we are saddled with bad habits - improper brushing teeth, do not know how to take care of proper oral hygiene. In our dental office to meet with a well prepared professionals who are in a very simply way to instruct you how to best take care of yourself teeth and mouth. With our dental office in Wrocław defeat first step to healthy teeth.
  2. Professional grooming

    - On our teeth constantly arise various settlements. Even the most accurate brushing your teeth does not stop the process completely. Therefore, our dental office in Wroclaw provide professional grooming performed by specialists. These include the removal of plaque, subgingival stone, sanding and polishing teeth teeth.
  3. Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

    - Unfortunately, on a visit to the dentist's office usually choose only when something starts to hurt already. Then, of course, as soon as possible to come to a dental office, but we strongly recommend much more frequent visits. If you already have a problem, which usually means the decay, we can do nothing else but take care of her as well. The basic principle of our dental office is to preserve your natural teeth for as long as patient as possible. Nothing can replace them, even the best made supplement. That's what conservative dentistry. However, endodontics deals with saving almost hopeless cases. This is called a root canal - it consists in removing all the soft tissue of the pulp chamber and root canals. This is the last chance to save the natural tooth, when I came to the soft tissue infection and massive pain. In our dental office right Wroclaw perform this treatment professionally, quickly and painlessly.
  4. Periodontology
    - Gum diseases are as dangerous as caries - lead to loss of teeth. Gum disease is engaged in periodontics. When the gums start to bleed when you brush, start a little hurt, to be sensitive, and should be cut back as soon as possible to visit a dentist office Wroclaw - CLINIDENT. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be dental treatment. But for professionals in our dental office is very rare such a thing as hopeless.
  5. Dental Prosthetics

    - But sometimes we lose teeth. If a tooth is missing, if in the end we have a tooth removed, you can always insert a new one. In our office we use the most modern methods of dental restorations that are individually tailored to the needs and preferences of patients.
  6. Aesthetic Dentistry

    - The teeth do not always have a wonderful white color. This is usually one of the many shades of yellow and gray. The same does not always have a satisfactory shape of the letter. To make it all better just go to the beauty treatments in our dental office. Combining several specialization can improve the color, shape and overall appearance of your teeth. All aesthetic procedures performed in our dental office are completely safe.
  7. Dentist for children

    - Take care of your teeth should be from an early age. Milk teeth should be treated the same way as we treat the permanent teeth. Mleczaków premature loss may result in serious consequences in the future. The child should be accustomed to a dentist from an early age - in this way we teach our children regularity and consistency in taking care of your teeth. Accustoming the child to a dentist deprive him of drug and dental phobia to the point. That way, when he grows up will not have qualms about visiting the dentist. Our good dentist in Wroclaw, as well as the staff working in it, is well prepared to deal with children.