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Oral surgery in Wrocław

Dental surgery is an area where experts engaged in oral surgery and tissues. The most common surgery, in which patients associate a visit to a dental surgeon, the removal - tooth extraction. But the reasons for which it is necessary operational solution is much more:

  • Endodontic difficult cases such as resection of the root apex,
  • Periodontal disease, which need surgical procedures such as, or Gingivectomy Flap surgery,
  • surgery treatments which prepares the mouth for the treatment of prosthetic
  • treatments for orthodontic treatment,
  • implantology.

Surgical procedures that are performed in most dental offices are:

  • Extraction - the removal of the tooth socket, which can not be saved in the course of medical treatment, but also teeth, broken or niewyrzniętych necessary to remove due to orthodontic or dental procedure,
  • extraction of wisdom teeth,
  • Apicectomy - which consists in cutting off the tip of the root with the surrounding change, typically this procedure is performed on a single-rooted tooth,
  • hemisection - carried out on teeth wielokorze-pressure, which involves the removal of one or more of the roots of the behavior of others,
  • plastic connections maxillary sinus,
  • treatment of complicated abscesses,
  • treatment of oro-facial fistulas.

In addition, patients who have suffered an injury (during sports or during the game) or are the victims of an accident or beatings, and often need help oral surgeon. Here, because it is often necessary treatments such as:

  • transposition of teeth,
  • stabilization of teeth and bones.

The success of treatment and the choice of optimal strategies always go hand in hand with care for the patient's peace of mind. Surgical treatment of patients causes concern prior to surgery, complications and pain. Thus, each time the patient is prepared for surgery. The doctor explains the exact treatment plan, milestones, and possible consequences. Before the operation the patient is given a sedative, analgesic appropriate in the case of treatment. All surgical procedures are performed under local anesthesia while maintaining aseptic surgical field. After treatment, the patient is also surrounded with special care so that the whole process was a success and the patient as soon as possible came to the health.

Dental Surgeon offers:

  • Extractions, including operational remove eights, wisdom teeth
  • Surgical removal of impacted teeth
  • The surgical treatment of bone defects
  • Resection of the roots of teeth
  • Surgical treatment of the soft tissues of the oral cavity
  • Plastic frenulum
  • Plastic ridge
  • Removal of the cyst (histopathology)