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The most important element of the image of the face is beautiful, white, healthy smile. Unfortunately, life rarely gives us even and white teeth. To achieve this effect, many of us have to go to the orthodontist for orthodontic treatment. Deciding on orthodontic treatment not only contribute to improving the aesthetics of your teeth. Having straight teeth, a lot easier to keep them clean, and a nice smile and awareness that look attractive - much better mood. Improving a smile, you will gain confidence and increase the chance to make a favorable impression.

Most of malocclusion can be effectively corrected today!

Orthodontic treatment can be carried out in both children and adults. There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. The only condition for the treatment is the health of the oral cavity - teeth and gums.

Prior to initiating treatment with an orthodontist:

At the consultation visit Orthodontist collects information about the patient's bite. Patient meets the expectations of the outcome of treatment in orthodontics. They are often made impressions and completing orthodontic documentation. The patient gets a referral to perform the necessary X-rays. If the orthodontic patient was treated in the past, should as far as possible to provide its documentation of previous orthodontic treatment orthodontist. This facilitates new orthodontist treatment planning.

After gathering all the information and completing medical records orthodontist develops individualized treatment plan orthodontic patient. Inform the patient about the cameras, the cost of orthodontic treatment, the course of treatment with an orthodontist and expectancy. Then the patient is arranging to set up braces (braces installation).

Fixed braces Wroclaw
Fixed braces

Before the foundation of all the teeth braces should be cured dental. If necessary, the patient is directed to the removal of any scale and sandblasting. Not recommended for coating the teeth in a short period before putting braces because it makes it difficult fluoride tooth etching and adversely affects the maintenance of orthodontic brackets.

In the course of orthodontic treatment:

In the early years after the founding of a permanent camera can be felt by the patient toothache. In this case, avoid chewing hard foods, use a soft diet and avoid hot foods and drinks. Given the particular sensitivity to pain, you can take painkillers. Little pain after the foundation of the camera is a normal reaction to permanent teeth and the most active force decreases and completely disappears after a few days.

A few days after the assumption of fixed braces usually takes to abrasions on mucous membranes as a result of orthodontic brackets contact with the mucous membrane of lips and cheeks. In order to ensure patient comfort during this difficult time we are giving the patient a special wax, which can tape the hurtful elements. Mucosal irritation is a state of transition - the mucous membrane quickly get used to the new situation, and after a few days the same damage disappear.

In the course of orthodontic treatment, it is important to maintain proper oral hygiene. Braces retention of additional space debris to remain. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly clean the teeth in the area of ​​locks and cables, but especially around the gums and teeth, which, after assuming a fixed appliance becomes available for the most difficult to groom and requires the most attention. Often it is necessary to use additional care brushes. Softeners support and facilitate a hygiene and should be applied at least once a day.

Fluoridation during orthodontic treatment is possible, and in many cases even desirable, especially in patients who have difficulty maintaining proper hygiene. The presence of the camera often prevents thorough cleaning of all areas of the dental arch, especially in the interdental spaces. It is possible the application of fluoride in any form (paints, foams, rinses).

Treatment of a tooth during orthodontic treatment with fixed braces:

It may happen that in the course of orthodontic treatment will be fixed braces dental treatment necessary to any of the teeth. Do not wait until the camera standing photo moments. Dental treatment is also possible with the camera on your teeth. Often, the presence of the lock does not interfere with the proper cure tooth decay but if it is located at the contact surface of the tooth, orthodontic, remove, because it prevents a valid assumption matrix reproducing the shape of the tooth. Then it is necessary to visit the orthodontist - the doctor removes the lock and protects the ends of the wire. After recovery of the tooth by a dentist as soon as possible to report to the orthodontist so that it can often bind as soon as possible the missing lock.

After treatment, the orthodontist:

After removing the camera fixed teeth have little tendency to move up. The patient gets a removable retention devices that should be worn by indications orthodontist - they are designed to keep the teeth in the new position for the moments of the total stabilization.

Orthodontist for your child:

Children with milk teeth usually do not require orthodontic treatment, although there are some malocclusion requiring intervention as early as this period. At the consultation should be selected if parents are concerned about a child or set of teeth suggests they are an experienced dentist. When everything seems to be fine, and the parents would like to hold consultations with their curiosity, it is best to report the consolation no earlier than 4-5 years old.

Period of turbulent changes in the teeth begins at 6-7 years of age. During this time, the dentist often used various devices - mostly removed, but in some variations fixed appliances.

Wroclaw Orthodontist - get to know our way with straight teeth!

Perfectly straight teeth are a difficult to achieve ideal - a qualified and experienced orthodontist will help you to achieve this goal. The basis of successful cooperation is an individual approach to each patient, accurate knowledge of its history, problem and expectations. The clinic Clinident located in Wrocław provides professional services in the field of demanding field of orthodontics. We invite children and adults with orthodontic defects, in need of comprehensive care of the best experts.