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Periodontics in Wroclaw

Periodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with diseases of periodontal tissues and oral mucosa. Periodontal tissues are: gum mucosa, periodontium and alveolar bone . Disease and inflammation of the tissue is the most common cause of tooth loss. Most adults have problems with periodontal disease. They are usually caused by improper taking care of oral hygiene, unhealthy lifestyles and poor nutrition. Other causes may be: an innate tendency to periodontal disease or debilitating systemic disease and lower the body's resistance. If you observe alarming changes in periodontal (usually manifested as hypersensitivity gum and bleeding gums ) should immediately go to the advice of a dentist dental Wroclaw CLINIDENT and make sure better oral hygiene.

Gum diseases

Gum disease is usually inflammation of the gums. This is the first stage of periodontal disease, which if left untreated, leads to serious complications and periodontal disease - periodontitis . This can lead to tooth loss . There are many causes of gum disease , but the most common is insufficient to take care of oral hygiene.

  • gingivitis caused by plaque

    - Plaque is a yellow or almost colorless coating on the teeth. It consists of saliva, food debris and bacteria. Not exactly on your teeth cleaned, it accumulates in large amounts and its mineralization occurs - bacteria and leftover food is wysycają minerals - and in such a way, a tartar. This is an additional habitat for bacteria . Bacteria secrete various toxins and acids that irritate the gums , and lead to inflammation.
  • modified gum disease by general factors:

    related endocrine system - hormonal disorders can cause gingivitis . These relate to the stages of development in which hormonal changes may occur naturally. These may include: gingivitis during puberty, pregnancy gingivitis, gingivitis during menstruation, or inflammation of the gums while taking oral contraceptives. Our body's hormone levels may also be impaired by chronic illnesses like diabetes, for example .

  • related blood disorders - all diseases of the circulatory system can cause gingivitis . This involves lowering the body's resistance and the general weakness. Such diseases may include hemophilia, leukemia.
  • modified gum disease by drugs
    - long-term use of potent antibiotics can weaken the immune system and lead to gingivitis . You can protect against this by using different types of drugs curtain.
  • modified gum disease, eating disorders
    - unhealthy diet, poor nutrition can cause chronic inflammation of the gums . Known to us from scurvy pirate movies is the result of a lack of vitamins in the diet. Scurvy is very careful extending periodontitis. If we eliminate all of the above causes inflammation of the gums, you should consider how nutrition - add variety to your diet, introduce more regularity. With diet and lifestyle are linked to fatigue and stress, which can also be causes of gingivitis.

Any systemic disease, allergies and even , can also cause inflammation of the gums.

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