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Endodontics in Wroclaw - teeth treatment

Endodontics is a branch of dentistry dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the tooth pulp and the diagnosis and treatment of periapical disease. The primary method of treatment is root canal treatment here. In modern endodontics for this treatment uses a special operating microscopes - endometers.

Root canal treatment (endodontic) is often a consequence of prolonged and untreated caries process, so it is recommended that at a very deep caries cavities. The bacteria that cause tooth decay over time move towards the pulp, which is commonly called nerves, with the result that there is a creation of the infection and inflammation. Wroclaw canal treatment is also used for pulp necrosis after fracture or dislocation of the tooth or dental indications - before a crown or bridge. The essence of Wroclaw canal treatment is to remove from the chamber and root canal infected or dead pulp, mechanical, and decontamination widening channels and sealed with special materials to fill them.

The dynamic development of the dental microscope, used primarily in the treatment of root canal, teeth can cure that, until recently, were doomed to be removed. The effectiveness of the treatment channel is very high. This treatment is much cheaper and less invasive than the removal of the damaged tooth and replace it with a bridge or a dental implant. Therefore, calculate the dilemma of whether to remove the tooth, it is better to cure the root canal, you might want to take the challenge and take advantage of the last, and often the only chance to save the tooth and root canal treatment benefit from Wroclaw. Remember that tooth extraction is an irreversible step, resulting in the need to supplement the lack of tooth in the future.

In our office we reach CLINIDENT latest endodontics to fight for every single tooth.

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment