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Teeth sandblasting and polishing in Wroclaw

Sandblasting is a procedure that removes stains crowns of external origin (smoking, coffee, tea, certain foods) that can be removed so. blasting using suitable devices (Air Flow), concentrated strong stream of air, water and sodium bicarbonate). This powder has a pleasant lemon flavor for the patient.

Sandblasting is a complement of teeth, or a separate procedure for preventive procedures such as scaling (cleaning the teeth of stone), or polishing (polishing of teeth polishing pastes). Sandblasting Wroclaw has the advantage over other methods of combating sludge that can remove all the air raids hard to reach places (interdental).

The dental office Wroclaw - CLINIDENT each tooth sandblasting treatment is carried out by the dentist.

Teeth sandblasting Wroclaw
Teeth sandblasting Wroclaw