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Teeth whitening in Wroclaw

White beautiful smile is the dream of every patient, so more and more and report them to our dental clinic CLINIDENT asking for treatment of teeth whitening.

Although teeth whitening treatment is not necessary, you can often find it in the list of popular dental services. Currently on the market there are different methods for whitening teeth enamel. Patients may therefore undergo teeth whitening treatment in a dental office CLINIDENT or opt for whitening at home. Remember that during such treatment must be adequately instruct patients about possible risks and use caution during the treatment so as not to damage the hard tissues of the tooth and periodontal tissues.

Before you start whitening your teeth should be to interview a dental involving individual exposure earlier diagnosis and completion of treatment of the teeth. This allows you to determine what factors caused the discoloration of the teeth, and whether treatment is required prior to teeth whitening. Particular attention should be paid to early cure tooth decay and other periodontal diseases.

Teeth Whitening in Wroclaw:

CLINIDENT dentist's office in Wrocław in its offer teeth whitening Whitening Beyond the American way. Our teeth whitening lamp emits cold light at a wavelength of 480-520 nm, which along with 35% hydrogen peroxide allows for the effect of lightening from 5 to even 14 tone scale VITA.

According to psychologists, 80% of the attention is focused on the caller's mouth!

Plasma lamp can shorten the time of surgery teeth whitening. The procedure is performed in a dental office and takes about 30 minutes. Eliminates the inconvenience that occurred in the so-called. "Overlay" method of whitening, when the patient was forced to sleep in the overlays bleach for a few weeks. Whitening teeth whitening lamp Excellite Plasma is immediate and visible whitening effect right away!

If you have any questions or concerns, we invite you for a free consultation with our dentist Pomianowski Raphael. Please contact us by email or phone with any questions about teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening Wroclaw - quickly and safely.

Teeth whitening is not a health-related procedure, but more and more people choose it for aesthetic reasons. Perfectly white teeth is a dream come true that is at your fingertips! In our office you whiten your teeth using modern methods and remain under the constant care of a dentist. We guarantee high effectiveness of the treatment and short time of its implementation. We do not forget about the most important - Patients can be sure that the methods used in whitening are completely safe for their health.

Teeth whitening Wroclaw
Teeth whitening based on a color sampler